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This is Hieptranvan 2013 motorbike tour north west 7 day with his customer

Motorbike for sale hanoi travel vietnam

Hanoi Motorbike Rental And Sale Travel Vietnam was founded by Hieptranvan since 2013, He used to participate in daily tours such as Halong bay & Cat ba as well as Huong pagoda, Hoa lu – Tam coc, Cuc phuong national park, Hanoi city tour, Especially city tour motorcycles as well as northwest & northeast, Hanoi to Ho chi minh city branches from one week to one month in vietnam. He has the opportunity to access thousands of international customers in the world who have ever traveled Vietnam, Being a good owner of English language and understanding the needs of customers. You will receive enthusiastic advice and support as well as sharing the route, Visiting tourist attractions, Enjoying delicious dishes with 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, How to choose a good motorbike, Driving directions, Renting or buying motorbikes, Hotel, He is proud to travel across 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam with 110cc motorcycles such as Honda wave semi, Honda win manual 2013 – 2019

He is proud to travel across 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam with 110cc motorcycles such as Honda wave semi, Honda win manual 2013 – 2019

You Can Buy motorbike in Hanoi Then Resell To Us

Let buying a bike as Top Gear, You can buy our motorbike as scooter to travel because we has good bike ready for you to use travel Vietnam as Lao & Cambodia, We got sale contract as commitment and guarantee during time use motorbike in Vietnam you got our suport 24/24 via what app/facebook call/email/hotline, At the end trip easy to sell back to us at 4 city in Hanoi, Da nang, Hoi an, Saigon-ho cho minh city Vietnam at 60%.

Buying a motorbike from another backpackkers came from the south!?
You may spend abit cheapper when buying motorbike from them after riding few km it it may broken because bike has been running with out service from the long trip as to many problem for an old bike, Most people dont use bike the right way and dont really take care of the bike as service when needed oil changes as check the chain…

About our service: More than 90% backpackers customers come to us for buying or renting motorbike to travel Vietnam, Most of our customers come to us and feling happy as great service and we spend time to talk about motorbike as routes and testing off road by the red river side and city tour 22km around Hanoi begore buying or renting motorbike from us.

Our customers buying two yamaha nouvo 115cc to travel across Vietnam

One Way Rental Hanoi to Saigon return at 4 city

This year we seem to have more customers renting motorbike to go up north then return or go to Ho chi minh city, Good new we already have more partner ships in Vietnam you can just rental from Hanoi and return in Da nang, Hoi an, Saigon ho chi minh city, Hanoi.

Why choose rent!?
Having a new motorbike 2017-2019 as semi Honda wave 110cc and automatic Yamaha nouvo sx125cc as Yamaha nouvo lx135cc. This amazing bike will take you go all routes Vietnam with a great deal Price only from$79/bike two weeks not include transfer back, $139-$159/month include transfer by trains.

All this bike can use for two people with 3 big bags include side racks if needed, and come with full accessories as Good helmets, Lock, phone holder, Side racks, Strap, Road map & Document routes guide.

About rental contract: You will need to deposit for us $200/bike and paid rental in advance when you return motorbike we will send you deposit money back. ( Do not worries about crash, pair part quite cheap here, just cost few dollar for a plastic cover )

Contact us for required motorbike we can setup bike with accessories and delivery to your hotel or homestay address before 1hour your start time we will suport setup bags then take you to the petro station to get fuel then we will go to highway together.

Our customers renting Semi honda wave 110cc and Yamaha nouvo sx125cc from Hanoi and return in Saigon.

Motorbike and Scooter for sell summer 2019

Top bike for sale travel Vietnam – Lao – Cambodia 2019
Our new motorcycle price update monthly contact to get discount $10
HONDA – YAMAHA – DETECT – SYM commitment guarantee buy back in Ho chi minh – Da nang – Hoian – Hanoi 60%.
Cheap honda win 110cc 2010 $200
Cheap detect win 110cc 2012 $230
Cheap yamaha nouvo 115cc 2009 $230
Detect win 125cc 2015 – 2019 price from $300 – $590
Detect win 140cc 2019 required befor day $790
Honda wave 110cc 2010 – 2019 price from $390 – $890

Contact us now to get more information you need to know before you go.

Shop name: Hanoi Motorbike Rental And Sale Travel Vietnam
Contact name: Hieptranvan
Hotline: 0986552827
What app: +84986552827
Address: Lane 339 Phuc tan streets, House 17


Hanoi Motorbike Rental And Sale Travel Vietnam Service

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