Dear Guest
Welcome to Hanoi vietnam, I wish you guy have a great time traveling Vietnam by motorbike, Vietnam such amazing place for us to travel and haveving a good time, Adventure, Trekking, rock clambing, tourings, meet and share with local pepole on the way, enjoy great meal and rice wine as beer.

Travel Vietnam by train or bus is ok but most of the time you cant see everthing, For sure you will read a book or take some sleepping. 3200km from the north go down south Vietnam as Sapa, Ha giang to Ca mau. First week local pepole here know more than you guy, For sure week two you guy know as enjoy al special food and see more than 90 milion population in Vietnam.

What make you guy want to do a motorbike rides in Vietnam?
Do you know how to rides a motorbike yet? have you ever rides a bike befor?
You have to become a good rider to control motorcycle as scooter to deal with traffic here.
Is TOP GEAR BBC UK make a video clib that make you guy interested seen 2013 right?
Ok we can make this, But we must look and ask for a profestional riders to ask them share more story about route as teach us how to rideding a motorbike and get use to it.

10 to way choose a great motorbike save your time
1, Choose Top 3 google search box motorbike shop
2, Contact them to get all information you want to know it free
3, Make a poiment to have free pickup no mather use there service or not
4, Talk as ask any question suport buy back querantee repair if needed
5, Deposit some money to let them keep motorbike for you
6, Group more than 2 peopole need someone become a team leader
7, Plan for your trip and ready for the day to start ride
8, Must flow traffic here speed limited for motorcycle in town 40km/h highway 60km/h
9, When need help suport translation must contact to motorcycle shop to have suport it FREE
10, Sale motorcycle back to motorcycle shop in HCM, ( If sale to another tourist must post on facebook group, Craglist, Blog, Forumer befor arrivel 1 week)