Buy Motorbike Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi motorbike for sale

You are looking for a good motorbike to travel to Vietnam, Please contact us for advice on the most popular motorbikes from 2013 up to now, there are more modern new motorcycles especially specialized for Vietnamese groups like Laos and Cambodia.

Motorbike rental hanoi

To choose a good motorbike for a long journey we need to prepare the following: Investing the money to choose the best motorbike everything on the motorbike must work well and have little warranty. most during use in Vietnam as well as support when needed.

Vietnam motorbike

If you determine to pay $ 250 to buy an old motorcycle to travel from Hanoi to Ho chi minh city. More than 90% of you have not used your motorbike properly and safely stored and drive like native people. Only 10% of the rest of the motorbikes are in good use, so to buy a motorbike from Hanoi to Saigon, only 10% of people have a good motorbike that can be resold at the desired price to sell at a price you want, the success rate for just walking on the road is probably also spent. By money, like buying it for about $ 250 to repair costs along the way, Not including the repair time can take days, Even up to a few days, there are repair shops without spare parts to replace at that moment.

Hanoi motorbike rental

Please use good motorbikes when traveling vietnam, If you really want to experience a motorbike tour about 2000km from Hanoi to Sai gon’s. Instead of buying a worn-out old motorbike for $ 250, you can spend a smaller $ 159 / month use from Hanoi starting a tour to the northwest & northeast and then moving to Saigon’s.

We provide long-distance motorbike rental service at reasonable prices. In addition, you can use the latest products such as Honda Wave 110cc, Detect win 127cc, Honda future 125cc production in 2017 – 2019, So You absolutely can be assured of the quality of our motorcycles.

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