north west motorbike loop vietnam

A Week North West Loop By Motorbike

Where is Mai Châu, how far from Hà Nội?
Located in the west of Hanoi, Mai Chau is the last district of Hoa Binh, adjacent to Moc Chau of Son La and Pu Luong of Thanh Hoa.
About 150 km from Hanoi is equivalent to 3 hours of car or 4 hours of motorbike, Mai Chau is suitable for short or weekend trips.
This road is not too difficult, very suitable for new players or those who want to try the feeling of driving for the first time through the pass roads.
So every weekend or holiday, Mai Chau is as peaceful as awake, bustling with crowded guests.

Mai chau to Son la Motorbike Ride 178km

To Son La, do not forget to explore these beautiful places.
Son La with wild and majestic nature but also rustic, charming, is an attractive destination for tourists in recent years. Son La with wild and majestic nature but also rustic, charming, is an attractive destination for tourists in recent years.
Ta Xua (Son La) – Northern cloudy paradise Paradise hunting clouds of Ta Xua, Bac Yen district, Son La province has long been an attractive place for young people who love to explore and experience. Talking about Son La tourism is to mention Moc Chau, the largest and most beautiful plateau in the northern mountains. Located at an altitude of 1,050 m above sea level, Moc Chau has a unique climate that is temperate with cool air all year round. This is a huge advantage, considered a tourism resource of this place.

To Ta Xua, do not forget to enjoy the “dinosaur backbone” Hang Dong, located about 5 km from the center of Hang Dong commune. This place can lean on the primitive Ta Xua range, in front of the valley is hundreds of meters deep, towards Bac Yen town.

Shimmering Season of Than Uyen Water

Coming to the Northwest, surely you will not be able to ignore the stunning landscapes that are terraced fields of ripe yellow rice spread across villages and valleys. But there is a season where terraced fields also captivate the traveler, which is the season of water creating beautiful colors for the Northwest. In order to watch the season of falling water, you may have to wait until May and June to popular lands in the golden season like Mu Cang Chai, Y Ty … But in the middle of winter, there is an extremely suitable place to unleash in the same season, it was Than Uyen.

Located in the southwest of Lao Cai province, Than Uyen district (in Lai Chau province) is a large closed valley between two mountains of Xi Xi and Pung Luong. Than Uyen was created again and endowed with a system of intertwined streams and rivers, typical of the Nam Mu River flowing through the district with a length of 160 km, with a steep slope that is an endless source of energy favorable for the development of small hydroelectricity in local.

Mu Cang Chai should not be ignored

At the end of autumn, throughout Mu Cang Chai valley, aromatic new rice aroma, radiant faces, full of excitement on the faces of people when participating in the harvest festival. This is really the beautiful season on Mu Cang Chai young high. At the end of September and early October, people all over the country flock to Mu Cang Chai to admire the wonderful scenery of the highland. the tourist site in Mu Cang Chai with terraced fields in the season of ripe rice as the golden carpets woven into the wild and peaceful landscape of this land.

On Top Khau Pha Pass

Beautiful scenery in Sapa

Sapa attracts tourists by the pristine natural scenery, the forest of peach blossom flowers floating like white clouds, or the golden rice season stretches to reach the eye.
Sapa weather is pleasant, sunny and dry day, cold night. Coming to Sapa at any time is beautiful, Sapa tourism is the most beautiful at 3 times:

  • Water season falls in April and May.
  • Season of ripe yellow rice in late August to the end of September
  • Spring from December to the end of February
  • From April to May: this is the time when ethnic people cultivate rice on terraced fields, all over the village, it is a cool green color.
Rose garden in Cat Cat village.
Ta Van village: Located about 8 km from Sapa town, Ta Van village is a tourist destination you cannot miss in Sapa, at the time of rice flow or in the season of ripe Ta Van rice as beautiful as a brocade picture with Green box of young rice or golden season of ripe rice.
On the way to Ta Van village, there are 2 sightseeing spots for tourists, here you can take super beautiful photos.

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