best tips buying a motorbike in vietnam

Renting a motorbike in vietnam

Previously since 2009 Vietnam tourism by motorbike for long-time professional riders to Vietnam only visited Northwest

And Northeast trip about two weeks using Mink’s motorbike 125cc 2-stroke engine and some high-class motorbikes imported across the border to Vietnam after 2010

Most of the tour operators in the northwest order to lease large-sized motorbikes running off roads. Those years to prepare for such a trip could not use the popular motorcycles like today.

Because the mountain road was very bad that day, Now there are many new roads that are opened for convenient travel. Now with the new standard way,

You can rest assured to use any type of 110cc cylinder motor that can reach the alpine road anywhere in Vietnam.

Unless you choose a trail that trails a certain peak, it may be a bit more time-consuming because your two tires are too small.

Renting a motorbike in vietnam cost at that time

In order to rent a motorbike at that time, people have to pay a very high rent. To rent a large motorbike, you have to pay about $ 20 – $ 50 / day.

On the contrary, you can use the top products and you are the ones who went ahead for many years. Most of the age group participating in Vietnam tourism by motorbike is from 35 to 60,

It can be said that 100% are professionals ride a long-distance motorbike and have a lot of long-time motorbike driving experiences that have been visiting Vietnam before 2010 to explore the northwestern mountain hill.

Riders heaven. Ha Giang the most stunning ride in North Vietnam. XR150L.

Buying a motorbike in vietnam

Summer 2913 by Top Gear bbc uk made a video to buy a motorbike from Saigon to Halong to fly 2000km away by motorbike.

The majority of curious young people aged 18 – 34 wanted to follow the way to buy motorbikes from HCM City to Hanoi and visit the North then resell motorbikes to other people at a purchased or slightly cheaper price. Depending on your flight route, it is possible to go to Hanoi to buy a motorbike then go to HCM city to sell

It can be said that after the young people watched the video, it was determined that when traveling to Vietnam, they had to buy motorbikes and travel around this small country.

It can be said that over 70% of you buy motorbikes and sell them at the price as if you want to succeed the very interesting journey here, the remaining 30% may be due to not understanding how to use motorbikes.

And buying at a reputable store is unlucky due to having to repair a motorbike during the use of the vehicle, taking too much waiting time and costly unwanted expenses.

How to buying a motorbike in vietnam

The best and quite useful way for you when buying or renting motorbikes in Hanoi and reselling to a motorbike company’s shop in Ho chi minh city at 60% with warranty commitment during the travel in Vietnam with that motorbike.

This way we save a lot of time to visit and enjoy delicious food here. When going from Hanoi and ending in Saigon, you have two ways to sell motorbikes as follows: You can contact the store directly to resell at a negotiated table price of 60%,

Or before reaching the point. At the end, we posted motorcycle images on social networks so that people who are coming to contact us try out motorbikes to buy at the price you offer.

You should not buy a motorbike that has traveled from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi if you do not know much about motorcycles, chances are you will be 30% unlucky for your trip,

And it will be very bad if you do not warranty as well as not knowing the language and it will be very difficult when no one supports it when needed

This two engine of Detect win 110cc – 127cc – Sufat 100cc are reliable for travel Vietnam

Recommend motorcycle gear travel vietnam 2019

After examining more than two dozen different cameras, I decided to buy the Nikon COOLPIX B500 (link to check prices on Amazon) to capture the best photos. For me, it is the perfect balance of price and quality. It has many features of the 16MP 40x optical Zoom / 80x Dynamic Zoom SUPER TELEPHOTO NIKKOR ED Lens camera, we cannot lack camera when traveling, and it looks great. I was really happy with it, and I bought two more for my parents and my wife.

You want to bring and use some of the necessary accessories when traveling Vietnam, Now refer to the link of Amazon one of the leading online ship website to your place after a few days in the US : Camera to capture the best pictures, Gopro to record other memorable moments, High-end waterproof backpack carrying our accessories is indispensable, Waterproof clothing, waterproof shoes for motorbikes , Safety helmets ensure quality, and you can choose to buy whatever you want here

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