motorbikes for sale in hanoi to travel vietnam

Hanoi Motorbike Reliable For Sell Include Guarantee

We sell motorbike for most people travel Vietnam as Lao & Cambodia 2019 high quality service including guarantee during time travel Vietnam as commitment buy back 60% at 4 city in Hanoi – Da nang – Hoi an – Saigon-ho chi minh city Vietnam.

We provide high quality motorbike as scooter has been use cheapest price and reliable as you get suport from out team online 24/24 answer your questions when neededs, If you are looking for a motorbike os scooter to travel Vietnam you can just click to the link below send us an email or via facebook or what app to get reply at the same time to get all information you need to know before you go.

Save more time with us to order reliable motorbikes in Hanoi Vietnam, Let chat with us now to get bikes detail after come to our address testing manual, semi, automatic to get use to motorbike as traffic in the city then required or deposit to get rental or sale contract, after we could plan your routes trips and you can get bike at the same time or we will delivery bike to your hotel or homestay address before one hour your start time as we will help you setup bags then take you to the highway.

Since 2018-2019 we have service more than 500 customers travel Vietnam by motorbike has been use our service. Most people traveling vietnam as Lao & Cambodia by motorbikes there age from 18-36, About 30% people go alone, 10% couble honeymoon, 30%tween guy, 10%tween girl, 10%girl travel alone, 20%group 3-4people. More than 70% our customers sell back there bike to us in HCM city for 60% what they paid us, And about 40% our customers sell motorbike to other tourist atthe end trip or bring to Cambodia and Lao.

Great new this year we already has more partner ships at Da nang – Hoi an – Saigon-ho chi minh city and we would suport more place as Sapa, Ha giang, Phong nha, Ninh binh, Catba island, Nha trang, Da lat as well id needed.

Look at this guys, They got perfect scooter after send us few text, we delivery bike to there hotel then take them to the highway as well.

How to keep your motorbike safe travel vietnam

To riding motorbike save in Vietnam we must flow speed limited here to save our adventure.

Most people buying a motorbike then just go dont really care how is the routes oursite the city as other town speed limited as rules how local rides as famele, I has meet some people hit chiken, Dog, Cow, Buffalo and broken arm, broken leg … have to pay money for people’s pets just because they goes too fast.

Let forget about riding motorbike fast in Vietnam, It to dangerous to other people and to us, Let just flow traffic some how speed limited in town we can go 40km/h and highway motorbike can go 60km/h only. We keep this speed we could make 2 hour 20minutes for 100km. ( when we go up north it could take more time because most of the time we have to go up hill and down hill so cant really go that fast and it quite hard for us to rides motorbike more than 200km in a day North Vietnam.

Parking motorbike is the most important when you just got bikes. Most people just got bike go back to hotel or stop some where in the old quarter and park infront someone house for 20minute even longer then just put it there and walk away, You should not do that because we can most of local family here just has small shop to do business as park there bike and there customers bikes, so they wont happy when someone put there bike there and walk away, they will just pull it to the road then maybe at the same time police come by they will take it to the station or the bike get stolen. ( Where ever you go to visit some tourist area there a parking place where you can park and get ticket just pay 5.000dong, same at your hotel recieption must show you parking place if there hotel dont have parking )

Big group is fun but we will need to have a team leader make sure no one get lost

Hanoi Best Engine 2 Weels For Sale with Customizer Cover Color

You are looking for a high quality motorbike travel Vietnam as Lao & Cambodia..?

You need a good motorbike to customizer cover color as Top Gear travel Vietnam..?

You are looking for a cheap motorbike as scooter perfect condition to travel Vietnam…2019-2020..?

Great new: We offer top motorbike travel Vietnam as Lao & Cambodia from now on service to all our customers having a great product during time travel.

  • Honda copy win 100cc-110cc contact now price $200
  • Detech win 110cc 2012 contact now price $220
  • Detech win 125cc-127cc 2015-2019 contact now price $300-$450
  • Detech win 140cc 2018-2019 contact now price $450-$550
  • Yamaha nouvo 115cc 2010 price contact now $200
  • Yamaha nouvo sx125cc 2014 one way rental price only $159/month contact now, price include shiping
  • Yamaha nouvo lx135cc 2012 $390
  • Real Honda wave 110cc 2010-2019 price from $390-$890 contact now get discount $10
Our shop address & detail

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