Hanoi to Hcm 14days motorbike rides

Honda xr150cc great bike for off road adventure as discovery vietnam

Discovery Vietnam as Top Gear by motorcycle

It take 10-14days to riding motorbike from Hanoi to Hcm city about 1789km daily rides from 2-9hours.

This is one of the best way to travel across Vietnam by motorbike, where ever you go every 30-60km stop over take some nice photo as talk to local people and see how daily life people here.

From Hanoi to Saigon-Ho chi minh city you can just flow google maps routes planning highway QL1 or Ho chi minh trail QL15 from Xuan mai to Hue and QL14 from Da nang to Hcm.

It take 10day rides from Hanoi to Hcm, where ever you like you can stay longer as Ninh binh, Phong nha cave, Hoian.

Vietnam Motorbike Travel Tips, Accessories & Moneys vnd

You could buying a motorbike or rent a bike then return in hcm woild be an ideal, rent a bike you can use new high quality product, buying a bike you may used old bike and sell back to tourist as sell to our shop. ( take some time to sell to tourism if you are lucky )

Make sure you got enough vietnamse cash to spending on the way because we dont trust atm ilat small town it quite easy to get stuck as dont except visa and master as well. ( alway take 900.000-1.500.000vnd with you )

Warning : do not riding motorbike to fast because is very dangerous for you as we can see how people rides here, speed limited for motorbike in town is 30km/h and 60km/h at the highway.

Some one in your group get lost during time riding from A to B, before start your trip with a group more than 2 motorbike make sure we have a team leader as agreement who rider infront who rides behind, how ever someone get lost we will try to contact and wait for 20-30minutes if we dond see them we will just go to B because we all runout time, dont worries the guy who get lost will come to B place in the next couble hour.

Google map research, iphone map cant help much, we better use google map for navigation gps

Cost of motorbike trip from Hanoi to Hcm

It depending what kind of motorbike you want to use to travel Vietnam, having a good bike is the most important for our daily rides few hundred km a day, if we has a bad bike condition we may joy in to repair trip all week.

For a long trip we suggest you go for a Honda xr150cc as Detech win 127cc or Honda wave 110cc as yamaha scooter 135cc.

Rental cost we offer from $139-$390/month depending kind of bike you choose to rides. As you could buying a motorbike and resell back to us in Hcm 60%, or sell to other backpackers same price what you paid us.

We having a good motorbike for our adventure already, now all we need to do is take care of the bike during time travel Vietnam extra cost is $32-$90 petro cost from Hanoi to Hcm depending you use semi or manual as automatic cost more fuel for sure.

We suggest you change 3 time oils from Hanoi to hcm total cost $12 at Honda head as tell them to tyre the chain if needed it free service as well.

Ho chi minh trail Vietnam

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