hanoi hcm detech win 110cc, 127cc reliable for sale guarantee

Hanoi Detech win 110cc-127cc for sale buy back in hcm

Detech win 110cc-127cc is one of the top sale for backpackers travel Vietnam since 2017 – 2019. Bike build in Vietnm factory at Hung yen province, Vietnam.

You can buy our Detech win 110cc-127cc in Hanoi then resell back for us in Hcm city as Hanoi and Da nang for 60%.

We guarantee detech win110cc-127cc during time travel Vietnam with a commitment buy back as sale contract and support 24//24.

More than 60% people travel Vietnam by motobike has choose using Detech win 110cc-127cc across Vietnam as Lao & Cambodia.

You could go for Detech win 110cc model 2012 we offer $270 travel Northeastern loop then go down South sell back to us for 60%.

If you want abit more power full you can go for Detech win 127cc model 2017-2019 price we offer from $330-$420 travel to north then go south Vietnam as Lao and Cambodia, You can sell back to us in Hcm as well.


Riding tips and service oil change detech win at local mechanic

As we can see how speed people riding here intown like 40m/h and highway ourside Hanoi 60km/h. We keep flow this speed we can make 2hour 20minutes for 100km.

Oils change service we can go to Honda head where ever you go we may see in small town as big city quite easy, Honda head place has good oil service and tigh the chain for free as well, Local mechanic only support for flat tyre repair if needed.

Parking bike is one of the big question to us, When you having bike do not park infront someone house and walk away even just 5minutes, Local will not happy about that because they just have small place to park there bike so make sure we ask and look for parking place and get ticket cost about 5000/few hour, Overnight parking cost intown about 20.000-50.000/night-day.

Entry highway, Take a look on google map we will see there are CT01 as yelow point is for car only, Some time your smartphone show motorbike road so make sure you use google map, If you got an iphone dont use imap app, Choose google map is the best when riding motorbike in Vietnam.

Hanoi Motorbike Rental And Sale Travel Vietnam Service

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