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Hiep Motorbike Rental and Sale Travel Vietnam offer top high quality motorbike rental and sell in Hanoi to all custumers travel Vietnam since 2013 as Manua-semi-automatic motorbike and scooter.

You can rent or buying our motorbike in Hanoi then resell at Hanoi, Da nang, Hoi an, Saigon-ho chi minh city for 60% as return motorbike and colect your deposits back from our shop in HCM address at 1 Nguyen huu dao, Phuong 9, Quan 4, HCM.

All motorbike rental and sale come with full accessories as commitments guarantee during time travel Vietnam get our team suport online 24/24.

We provide Honda – Yamaha – Detech, Manual, Semi, Automatic 2010-2019

Best tips of buying motorbike or renting travel Vietnam

Best tips of buying or renting motorbike before travel across Vietnam, You can buying a motorbike from our shop then sale back to us in Hanoi, Hoi an, Da nang, HCM for 60%, Also rent from Hanoi then return as well.

1: Don’t buying motorbike from backpackers if you don’t know about bikes becase those bike come from south may not service yet quite easy to broken oftenly,

2: Look on top 3 google map search box as Top 10 of page 1 google search to choose one of the best place buying or renting reliable motorbike for travel. This way you will save much more time and having a great motorbike so we do not have to worries about bike condition, Because it has commitments as guarantee during time travel Vietnam.

3: Contact to us by via facebook.com/hanoimotorbikesforsale, what app, Hotline, Email to get more advide, ( Come to us daily business hour from 8am – 7PM to get more information as testing manual, semi, automatic 110cc – 150cc motorbikes ) Required now to have free motorbike lesson learn to get use to traffic in Hanoi before you go, Choose kind of bike you like to rides make payment or deposit some money to book that bike, the next day we will delivery bike to your hotel address suport setup bags then take you to highway.

4: Planing your trip with us, Give us your contact after 10minute chating we can show you some tips riding as amazing routes as North west loop, North east loop and Hanoi to HCM. Also a cool tour loop around Hanoi as well, Hanoi streets foods tour, All free advice & informations.

Saigon to Hanoi, or From north to south, Let contact us for required now!

Riding tips as speed limited & oil change service when needed

5: As we see how buzy traffic here most people here just rides 30km/h intown and 60km/h highway this is the speed limited for motorbike riding in Vietnam, We can go 100km in about 2hour 20 minutes rides, It will take more time to go up the mountain.

6: We can only rides from 100km – 300km in a day, Mountain routes can only go 200km/day speed like 40km/h, ( We dont need to ride at night time so please dont do that it not quite save quite easy to hit animals as, Dog, Cats, Mouse, Cown, Buffulow, Chicken and duck as well.

7: Alway bring some cash with you is one of the most important, Keep an eye with ATM at small town, It may eat your card, Go and get some cash before you go, Make sure you have about 500.000-1.500.000 with you to buy drinks, Meals, Hotel & homestay.

8: We will need to service oil changes every 600km as check the chain every 800km, Let just take them to Honda head a place has good oil and reliable, a bottle of oil for semi and manual costabout 95.000dong include change service, Only other problem as flat tyre we look for local mechanic near by, to fix it only cost from 20.000dong-50.000dong, Change new tyre cost about 80.000-100.000dong only. Call us or text what app: +84986552827 at the same time if needed to make sure we not paid to hight

9: When you in town do not park infron someone house and walk away for 20minutes, Label wont happy about that because as we see every house just has small place to park there bikes as there customers bikes so they don’t let people just put bike there and go away. ( If you put it there they will push your bike to the road, at the same time police go pass will take it to the station or it get stolen ) Must ask parking place.

Great staff service at honda head in Vietnam, You will see this evey town.

Let see what customers talk about us

Halit and Sinan
It was an incredible experience and a perfect service 7/24. Hiep was very helpful he answered really quickly to our messages and gave us the best hinds where to go and where to eat in Vietnam. We hired a Honda XR 150 and a Honda Click 150. The motorbikes were in a really good condition and brought us without any issues from Hanoi to Saigon (2500k). The only thing we did was oil change every 500k. So if you are looking for a reliable und trustful person to hire a motorbike from in vietnam definitely visit Hanoi motorbikes (Hiep). Thank you very much, we had a really good time. Hope to see u soon again. Bests, Halit and Sinan. Halit and Sinan
Joshua Benham
I bought a bike here and clocked up 5000kms on it around vietnam and the south of laos. The guy that sold it to me helped me with any issues i had along the way over message which is something so incredible especially when your in the middle of nowhere. The bike itself was good quality to be able to do this distance and had very few issues and the price was reasonable also, couldnt recommend this place highly enough!!
Thank you
Sean Becker
Awesome experience! Rented two quality bikes from here for less than anywhere else was charging. We returned in Ho Chi Minh with no hassles and got the deposit . The one and only time something went wrong with the bike, we texted Hiep and he quickly found us a mechanic and covered the cost. Made for a fun and stress free journey!

Hiep Motorbike Rental And Sale Travel Vietnam such amazing place to rental or buying a motorbike travel Vietnam as expart living in Hanoi.

Read more our review here, Please send us an email by put information in form here and submit we will send you reply quickly. What app: +84986552827

Let take a look our cool motorbike and amazing customers


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