Motorbike For Sale in Hanoi Buy Back At Da ang, Hcm, Hanoi

If you are looking for a motorbike or scooter to travel across Vietnam or visit fro north to the south, We suggest to you guy top motorbike travel Vietnam seen 2013.

How ever you guy only here for couble weeks maybe over a month and fllow what Top gear do befor or just renting a bike spending like under $300 dollar for your trip during time here you can choose this simble options to save your time and money as getting a good bike.

About us & Our service motorbike rental and sale

We focus on small motorcycles with a cylinder capacity of 110cc – 125cc for backpackers in Vietnam traveling by motorbike.

This year we have limited use of motorbike copy honda win for reasons of not guaranteeing our trip, We can use win detech 110cc motorbike – 127cc motorbike make in Vietnam factory as yamaha nouvo 3 scooter 115cc, Real honda wave 110cc semi automatic make by honda Vietnam 2010 – 2019 all this bike are reliable for your trip.

We have been test and provideding many honda wave semi-automatic end of 2018 until now with model 2010-2019 most people satisfied with honda wave 110cc. Let take a look at some google review to see what our customers talk about this bike

Hanoi motorbike rental and sale cost

Hanoi motorbike rental cost quite cheap if you choose small bike engine as Honda wave, Detech win, Yamaha nouvo price from $140 – $169month bike can be delivery to your hotel address in Hanoi and you can return in Da nang, Hoi an, Saigon-Ho chi minh city, Hanoi as well.

Really easy rental contract, All you got to do is choose motorbike you want to use and pay for rental in advance as deposit for us $100-$200bike or your real passport and you can pickup your deposit money in those 4 city return bike.

How to take care motorbike and where to parking overnight

All this motorbike has been use for long ride daily, If we just use in town only oil change could be every 1000km, But we use daily rides from 100km – 300km a day we better oil change every 600km, And ask mechanic to check the chain every 800-900km.

Where every you at do not park motorbike in front of someone’s house and walk away even 5minutes, that not good they will push it in the road. Just put it in the parking place and get ticket and pay them it will be a lot more save.

Where every you go to visit some place there should be a parking and cecurity take care of the bike and give you ticket, Dont lose ticket you will have to pay extra cost from 50.000–200.000dong depends.

Best tips motorbike rental hanoi to ho chi minh

Start your trip in Hanoi motorbike rental one way then return back in ho chi minh city, Danang, hoian, Hanoi quite easy and save alot more time because we suport delivery motorbike to your hotel address in Hanoi as help and suport setup bags then take you to the highwway as well make sure you dont get loss rideding around Hanoi for couble hour.

Hanoi Motorbike Rental And Sale Travel Vietnam Service

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