Hanoi Sim Card Service

Hanoi Sim Card service is one of the best choise for anyone who came to Vietnam for travel or just here for someday need a simcard to contact with your family and friends as for your works. We provide top 3 best sim card reliable as Viettel – Vinaphone – Mobile, And you will save your time come to us. ( contact us for delivery to your hotel address and do not need to pay in avance, You can just pay when you meet our staff we will help you setup as cut Sim card if needed )

We should get sim card when travel vietnam by motorcycle for GPS

Reason Choose Hanoi Sim Card data Service

You don’t know where to buy sim card.
You waste your time look for it as simcard shop don’t speak english so can’t really ask any information you want to know befor usesing.

Here we are welcome to Hanoi Motorbike Rental And Sale Travel Vietnam now setup a great product for everyone who come to Hanoi can buy simcard easy and reliable price as quality & service.

CONTACT WHAT APP : +84986552827 delivery to your address

Will you spend $10 for a sim card with us?

Do not wait until arrivel hotel or restaurant as coffee shop to use wifi to share as upload amazing photo and video at the same time. Let spend your $10 buying a sim card from us we delivery to your hotel address we setup for you if needed, You be able to use 4G when ever you want as talking to family and friends at the same time live tream send them some really cool picture as duing abit of work when you on phone or ipad.


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Hanoi Motorbike Rental And Sale Travel Vietnam Service

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