Hanoi sim card toursit for sale

Best tips to get hanoi sim card tourist reliable

Buying a sim card to use a contact phone for relatives and using GPS maps and using the internet is essential for each of us when traveling in Hanoi Vietnam.

There are 3 networks in Vietnam, Viettel – vinaphone – Mobile covering all over Vietnam. When choosing to use one of these three networks, you are free to use 4G internet and call when you need it anywhere with a very cheap package.

You only stay here for a week or a month may take longer than just buying a sim card for about $ 9 including unlimited data for a month.

How to buy sim card in hanoi

You just need to contact us via Email / facebook / comment / what app will have staff assign sim card to your address and support installation and use successfully before paying.

If you are in Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi only takes about 20 minutes for contacting and delivery settings, you already own utility sim card.

We should get sim card when travel vietnam by motorcycle for GPS

Hanoi sim card price

The price of all types of sim Viettel – Vinaphone – Mobile is sold with the package price for a month using the service and installation with the fast delivery freight for each sim card from $ 9 / sim include

Travel sim using one month of on-net calling & other networks in Vietnam over 50 minutes, 10-minute international calls, Unlimited internet data usage for 30 days for $ 9 / sim-including guide and how to load cards

Hanoi sim card service

Usually people take a lot of time to find a place to sell sim cards to be able to buy, Maybe you have to ask hotel staff for directions and maybe you will ask them to lead you to buy a sim card, Even If you find a shop that sells sim card, The seller and the staff lead you to buy a sim, They don’t know the English language to guide how to use it. You can’t ask what you don’t understand. time for everyone.

We look forward to saving you shopping time, so that you have plenty of time to relax, relax, Visit Hanoi, Enjoy lots of delicious food, Drink beer, Hanoi Motorbike Rental And Sale Travel Vietnam plan to sell more Sim card delivered to your place for you to save time when in Hanoi.

20 minute booking sim card for delivery to your hotel address suport setting simcard & guides

Buying a sim card vietnam

There is no need to buy a sim card at the airport, no need to ask the hotel where to buy a sim card, No need to take a walk to find a sim card, no need to ask.

Just use your smartphone or you can use your tablet, PC, or laptop to search online and see our article.

After viewing the article about the sim card, please contact us to order immediately for fast delivery to your address within 20 minutes, instructions and installation is completed for payment.

How to unlock your phone in hanoi

Especially, we can assist you to unlock smart phones of all kinds at cheap prices, Time from 15 minutes – 90 minutes depending on the type of phone, Reliable service in Hanoi.

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