how to ride a motorbike in vietnam


You must get used to riding a motorbike in Vietnam before going to traffic to secure yourself. Most of you have never participated in traffic in Vietnam, we can see the density of traffic in the city is very large so to ensure safety for everyone we need to practice and get used to at least 1 motorbike ride. hours.
We can know how to drive but in terms of how to handle situations like going through a crossroads, which vehicles are prioritized first, in the city and densely populated areas, How much speed can be allowed? km / h, How to ride a highway pass a truck, there are many skills that we need to learn more about when driving a motorbike in Vietnam. Learn more about driving licenses here.

Observe The Paths Of Attention To Pedestrians & Ride Save

Use motorbikes properly to instruct if there is someone who teaches you, Initially start should go slow to get used to motorcycles and control the signal lights when needed, When getting on and off the motorbike starts from the left side, Avoid being burned by very hot exhaust. Pay attention to the vehicles and pedestrians when participating in traffic. Always go to the right of the road, before turning around, stop on the right then observe the vehicle and then slowly turn around. For the motorbike team, wait for everyone to complete the exam and start with each other because when a person in the group hasn’t finished well, you will get lost while you are in the city traffic.

Let Ride 20km Around Hanoi To Get Used To Trafic

Are we ready to join the traffic yet?
Let’s drive a motorbike for 20km to visit Hanoi, You can go around Hanoi for 1 hour to visit the following places, the cathedral, the French Quarter, the Opera House, Vietnam History Museum, Vietnam Revolution Museum , Ceramic road, Chuong Duong Bridge, Long Bien Bridge (stop to watch the Red River) Dong Xuan Market, Water Tower, Water Plant, Truc Bach lake, Tran Quoc Pagoda, West lake, Quan Thanh Temple, Ho Chi Minh complex, B-52 victorious museum and falling B-52 aircraft, Hanoi flagpole, Military museum, Temple literature, Hoa lo prison, After your visit to Hanoi, You are ready for the trip

Start Your Trip From Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh By Motorcycle

We need to bring about more than 1 million to use when needed because only cities and new towns have ATMs (be careful because they may be swallowed cards) you need to bring money to pay for food & drink, Gasoline motorbikes, buy more equipment when needed … Waterproof shoes if available, Travel mosquito sprays, Smart phones or 4G connected devices using GPS.
For the group you need to select a captain to plan the km every day as well as to observe people all the way, This person is responsible for informing everyone of the start of the next morning to make everyone standard Before being on the road, the group also needed a quick person to follow behind the group to avoid the people in the middle getting lost. The team leader will be the first person to go and everyone behind if you don’t want to get lost, then do your best to follow the leader. In case of missing someone, we should only spend 30 minutes of waiting and waiting, then going to the destination that needs to arrive a few hours later the lost person will find himself, Because we already have a plan.

Day 2 drove a motorbike as an expert on Vietnam road

Congratulations on getting acquainted with your beloved motorbike. Keep your motorbike as good as it is your motorbike, It will take you a long journey of nearly 2000km so use a motorbike really good Now it is possible to say that you ride a motorbike as an expert on Vietnam road supply. See you in Hanoi at our motorbike shop soon, We will have welcome drinks and talk more about motorcycles so please fill in the form below we can say hello to each other about motorbike travel in Vietnam.

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