how to sell motorbike in hanoi

If you have a motorbike or you come to Vietnam for a rideding We recommend you guy order ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet with Removable Winter Neck Scarf + 2 Visors DOT (M, Matte Black) from Amazon one of the high quality helmet can use during time travel Vietnam, You can sell it at the end trip or bring home for a next adventure

How to sell motorbike in hanoi easy

Weldone guy, congratulations travel Vietnam by motorcyle 2019. Hanoi Motorbike Rental And Sale Travel Vietnam would like to show you guy a tricks to sale your bike faster way. Befor tell you guy about this remember inportant thing you better buying a bike from a shop how ever you guy in Ho chi minh or some where in Vietnam ask shop location if there have a partner in Hanoi or HCM to buy back some how. That it the best way you can sell real quick when arrivel.

However you buying a bike from HCM from backpackers or dealer Sagon for $250 came to Hanoi if you want to sell it same price you buy it make sure you put on internet befor arrivel one week so that could fit someone schedule arrivel at the same time you here. No mather you have a semi or manual as automatic the one who you try to sell them a bike make sure teach them how to ride be for they buy you bike. Because traveling by motorbike it not really save as we see during time rideding on the road meet all crazy trucks as local bus they are super crazy driver.

Sell your motorbike to us we would love to pay what you offer but we cant pay you high price because we have to pay for shop rental as staff and our system so that why we only offer copy china win under $100, Detect 110cc $120, Detect 125 $200 – $300, Sufat win 100cc $100, Copy wave, Dream, Future $60, Real honda wave we can buy high price from 2007 – 2019 $290 – $600.( All motorbike we buy from you guy we could sell it after 5 minute or we could sale it after 3month )

Another thing i want to say is we all don’t know how to ride and save motorbike the righ way. during time travel thousands km bike still need to service. There seems to be one thing people don’t want to understand or deliberately ignore, If you are traveling anywhere, you have to pay a fee. We want to have a nice trip to pay and use the service, we do not need to resell the motorbike at the price to buy it, instead sell less to the other person and share the knowledge and route and places you visit, then sell the motorbike again to use the money to eat the best food before returning home or is to use that money to stay at a luxury hotel to relax

How to sell motorbike in ho chi minh

Vietnam route

How to sell motorbike in vietnam

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