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Berlin, Germany

Nothing to complain 🙂 Machine runned smooth the whole 3000km. Nice drop off and really nothing could bother my trip.

Durango, Colorado

I dropped off the motorcycle I rented in Hanoi from Hanoi Motorbikes Adventure  here. The staff was attentive to my needs and gave a good closure to my cross Vietnam by bike adventure. I had rented a Honda Win 110cc, and it gave me trouble free experience for 2000km. Great journey!

Steven Keal 


I met henry about 5 years ago and rent motor bike every time i come ro Hanoi.

After you leave the shop he still provides great service. The bikes are well maintained and good buy back price if you want to purchase for your trip.

I have recommended to many friends and they have been very happy.

You go there to rent or buy a bike and also get a friend in the process.

Henry has rode all of the destinations you may want to visit so he has great knowledge about where you are going..

Montreal, Canada

My friends and I went to Hanoi Motorbike Adventure because we wanted to buy motorbikes so we could drive from Hanoi to HCMC. The staff is just awesome there. Bobby and Huy spent like a week with us and gave us driving lessons so we could drive through the country without any major driving problems. They made sure we were 100% confident before leaving. We had their phone number so we could call them when we had problems during the trip (they were the bests translators we could have).I recommand this place to everyone who wants to rent or buy a motorbike. Best staff. Have a beer with them as well!Thanks again Bobby and Huy.Visited in May 2016

Cambridge, Canada

Henry and his Staff were absolute legends. I took a motorbike trip around Northern Vietnam and than down to Saigon. I made the trip solo so I wanted to make sure I had a reliable motorbike, in stepped Henry. I test drove many different types of bikes and decided on a Honda Wave. He was truly helpful, accommodating, hospitable, and most importantly Honest. After having such a magical time in Vietnam as soon as anyone tells me they plan to travel I immediately recommend doing it by Motorbike, and if you do, go see the boys at Hanoi Motorbikes Adventure.

Hà Nội, Việt Nam

Have not only rented a bike through the guys at HMA, but have also hung around for a few beers, food and banter. Very lovely and helpful people. After recently moving to Hanoi they have been so genuine and helpful in showing us where to buy certain things, where to go, what to see etc. thanks so much! ☺️

Роман С
I bought bright red Yamaha Nouvo and I am really full of delight! It was a good deal. The bike was really almighty and powerful. I drove over 2k km in Vietnam from Hanoi to Sapa and then later to Saigon. Everything was perfect. Nothing happened at all. More than that the color and body of the motorbike were in a good condition. It was just a good feeling to drive a good bike.

The guys who are working there are really kind and responsible. All the time they were ready to help me. Many thanks for help with booking sleeper bus tickets and negotiation with bus drivers to put my bike into the bus) 

I think it is the best place to buy a motorbike. Have a good luck!!!

Daniël M
Bought a bike today, guys are really nice and helpful. Bikes feel safe and I would recommend it to anyone
Baye B
Portland, Oregon

Huy bought my bike after exploring up North. If I were to buy a bike again, I would go here. He offers to fix any repairs free of charge within one month of purchasing. If you have problems outside of Hanoi, call him up and he will talk to the mechanic to get you all fixed up and back on the road.

He offers free beer at 5pm. Got to know him a little bit and he is very nice, has some pet birds and Australian dragon lizard and will open a hostel soon.

I will be by next time in Hanoi!

Thanks Huy!

Montréal, Québec
We went to HMA my friends and I to buy motorbikes so we could go all the way down to HCMC and I can only say good things about them, especially Huy and Bobby 🙂 

They gave us a lot driving lessons and made sure we are 100% confident before leaving. They answered ALL of our questions and were the most patient guys on earth. After leaving, if we had problems with the bikes or any other question about the road we called them and once again, they helped us and never made us feel as we were disturbing them. Seriously, these guys don’t only sell you a bike and get rid of you after – they help you with everything.

Guys, if you think about renting or buying a bike, just drop by there, have a beer with the guys and you will not be disappointed Thanks again for everything Huy and Bobby

Manu B
If you’re looking for good and cheap motorbikes, this is the place were you can find some!

The guys are really helpfull. If you need driving lessons, or your bike broke down somewhere in nowhere, you can call them anytime and they helping you to translate to the locals. 

Anyway you have a good time, spending some time at their shop and have some beers. 

Timo B
perfect service – if you need motorbikes go to HMA. Good price, perfect service, driving lessons and a couple of beers with the very funny staff.

We came to Hanoi Motorbike Adventures last year as a group of 5 guys who wanted to buy bikes and ride from Hanoi to Saigon. Bobby and Henry (2 of the nicest guys!) helped us choose the bikes that were right for each of us, we went for 4 Honda Wins and a Honda Wave. All the bikes came with the blue card, a helmet, luggage cords and the guys ever repainted the bikes for us!!! 

Once we were sorted with the bikes we rode to Cat Ba to test them out on a good run. The bikes were really good and the guys from the shop helped us plan our route properly, this really helped us and when we returned to Hanoi we couldn’t wait to get back on them and start heading to the south. 

Once we got down to Saigon it was really easy to sell the bikes to guys that were riding up to Hanoi. 

Cheers guys!

James and tyler
Hi everyone! Hanoi motorbikes adventure it’s a good choice to buying a bike or touring around with this guys ! They have really good service and very helpful! Me and my friend had been working by their shop and we have to stop by cause they are was so friendly and welcoming us with a beer , first we felling like home it so warm like we been friends for longtime ! We haven’t plan to have a journey through VIETNAM by bikes cause we didn’t knew how to drive ! But Bobby and Henry they give us a drive lesson ! It was so great ! Just after an hours lesson we are ready to buy theirs bikes for long drive Hanoi – SaiGon ! And we have made it with H.M.A’s bikes without any problem ! If you plan to travel by bikes you should come to Hanoi Motorbikes Adventure ! Best place I recommend ! Have a great journey guys !

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