Scooter Yamaha Nouvo 115cc For Sale

Yamaha nouvo for sale in Hanoi buy back in Ho chi minh city

Super easy bike to ride for backpackers travel Vietnam

Yamaha nouvo 115cc is one of the best choise for you guy travel from Hanoi to North west – North east as Hanoi to Ho chi minh city 3200km up hill high moutain reliable.

How much stuff can yamaha carry?

Yamaha nouvo designed for young people are designed with convenient fashion when using specially designed chassis much thicker than Honda and Detect. Motorcycles can design additional side racks, you can feel secure with 2 big backpacks and for two people who have a long trip.

LOBOO Waterproof Bag 66L Motorcycle Dry Duffel Bag for Travel,Motorcycling, Cycling,Hiking,Camping click to image or here

How to take care yamaha nouvo on the way

On the outside of the motorcycle we can see the plastic cover of the motorcycle as well as the two tires and the machine part. All electric light systems must be carefully inspected before using to avoid motorcycle maintenance without long-distance use, causing fire and explosion. On the machine part we need to take special care of the motorbike to make sure that the engine oil is replaced every 600km. Please note that when buying yamaha nouvo 115cc our warranty is for the part of the machine during use in Vietnam.

We only choose Yamaha town for service as oil change

How much fuel cost from Hanoi to Ho chi minh city?

As a high-end scooter with cylinder capacity 113cc consumes a lot of materials compared to other motorcycles like SemiManual. In return we own a beautiful fashion-style motorcycle, Easy-to-use Motorcycle for the journey from Hanoi to Saigon is $ 90 / petrol / 1900km, You also go north west loop sewing cost extra $ 50 because you have to going to the high mountain road will cost more fuel

Yamaha run smooth off road as well

Should I choose yamaha nouvo to travel Vietnam?

Yes you can: If you are prepared for a long day traveling by motorbike in Vietnam, Lao and Cabuchia are also concerned about semi-manual motorcycles. Please choose our Yamaha nouvo 115cc which is committed to warranty and redemption of 60% value in Hanoi – Da Nang – Hoi An – Saigon-HCM city.

Price for sale include full accessories

Yamaha nouvo 2-3 115cc price from $200 – $250 include Blue card, Racks, Strap, Phone holder, Lock, Road maps, Usb charger, Helmets full face, Document routes guide…You could get really cool stuff on Amazon befor arrivel.

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