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cost of travel motorbike in vietnam

Cost Of Motorbike In Vietnam North to the South

Most people traveling to Vietnam by motorcycle flow what Top Gear Video they has been watch before come to Vietnam.

It is amazing to to a motorbike trip from Hanoi to Sagon-Ho chi minh city as Northwest loop and then go to Lao or Cambodia.

This trip could take you a week to visit Northwest loop then another two weeks to riding from Hanoi to Halong bay and Catba island then go down the South.

Motorbike fuel cost of Manual and Semi bike about $37 from Hanoi to Ho chi minh city, and Automatic cost about $90 because automatic spend more than Semi and Manual.

Hotel & Acommodations cost from $5 – $15/night where ever you go every 5 – 10km there are smal town you can stop by Hotel and homestay quite easy here, Checkin to new room hotel and relax eat some good food with local family or east outside is ok.

Have a good motorbike is one of the most important to us when use for hundreds of kilometers daily rides, Really i dont think spending $200 to buying an old honda win to do it is a great ideal, We need something as Real Honda wave 110cc semi or Yamaha nouvo sx 125 as Yamaha nouvo LX135cc or a Detech win 2017-2019 those bike are more new and reliable for our trips.

There are 64 town to discovery Vietnam by motorbike, Let dp it

Cost of motorbike rides in Vietnam from 1800km-3200km

*FUEL 1800KM Manual – Semi cost $37, Automatic cost $90
*Oil changes service cost $20
*Hotel & Acommodations from $5-$10/day
*Motorbike rental or buying $300  – $500
*Meal & Drinks $20/day

Discovery Nortwest Vietnam 7days by motorbike to see some really cool water fall as moutain routes as: Mai chau – Son la – Than uyen – Sapa – Thac ba lake – Hanoi over thousand km amazing adventure in a week motorbike rides only.

Adventure Northeast loop as: Hanoi – Vu linh – Ba be lake – Ban gioc – Ha giang – Ma pi leng pass – Cao bang – Lang son – Halong bay – Catba island – Ninh binh – Hanoi one week trip to do it such amazing motorbike rides discoverty the north Vietnam.

Hanoi to Saigon-ho chi minh city in 14days riding motorbike hafp way to ho chi minh trail as: Hanoi – Ninh binh – Thai hoa town – Phong nha cave – Dong hoi – Hue – Hai van pass – Da nang – Hoi an – Sa huynh peach – Nha trang peach – Da lat – Mui ne – Ho chi minh city – Phu quoc island enjoy so many nice place in Vietnam as traditional food & drinks.

How ever you want to do all this or just for a week loop as North west Vietnam by motorbike, You will have to has a good bike as rental or buying price only from $42/aweek, $79/two weeks, $139/month new bike model 2017-2019 service delivery to your hotel address as well.

Renting motorbike is one of the great ideal to travel Vietnam as easy contract rental service.

Recommend Gear As Riding Tips In Vietnam

Our bike rental and sell come with full accessories as Good full face helmets, Side racks, Strap, Lock, Phone holder, Road map, Document routes guides you can dowload here, Sale or rental contract…MORE

Depending when you come to Vietnam for a motorbike trip adventure and we dont know about the weather, It could be cold up hill and could be Hot south Hanoi 500km, And maybe some how we will have to riding in the rain for few hundreds of kilometers from Hanoi to Ho chi minh city.

You could bring some extra Water froof stuff would be great ideal to keep your bag not get wet, You can buy in your place where you at or buy here for cheapest price as well. ( We have few link from amazon where you can just click to look for great stuff that you want to buy)

All those motorbike accessories can bring home at the end trip or you can easy sell back all those thing to other traveller by posting of Facebook group or some Forumer travel for same price what you paid or abit cheapper.

Most people come to Vietnam buying or renting motorbike to travel seen 2013, Riding tips as how to ride save here no one know and they seem just getting a bike and then go, That why it make some single people travel get stuck as bike and traffic as to many problem during time travel Vietnam by motorbike. You will be in the midle of no where and local dont speak much english as you cant contact anyone for suport every thing become hards.

We have a post about riding tips as save get use to bike as traffic before you go click here.

Most of our customers learn how to rides semi-automatic-manual as off road tour and city tour for free bofore they go

Best Tips Vietnam Motorbike Service On The Way

Weldone guys, We having a good bike alredy, All we need to do is take good care of it during time using it as service when needed.

1: Do not parking infront someone house and walk away for 5 minutes, They will not happy about that because we can see most of the house in town or city quite small, They only have some place to make business and park there bike or there customers bike, If you keep parking there and walk away they will just push it on the road then it could be stolen or polive will take it to the station.

2: Most of the place you go visit or shopping there are a parking place where you can send your bike there and get tickets cost only 5000vnd/bike daily park, In town or city if your hotel dont have place to park you must hotel where to park overnight and it will cost like 20.000-50.000/night.

3: We must flow traffic speed here as local people rides in town like 40km/h and 60km/h at the highway this is the speed for motorbike. ( If you rides to fast is not good as save for you )

4: Keep an eye with your motorbike key as bags at petro station intown or city as outside maybe it easy to get stolen as some point has great view where are to many people we may hard to look after our stuff.

5: For a simble repair as flat tyre we can just found local mechanic near by for suport repair, To fix flat tyre will cost 10.000d – 20.000d, To change new tyre it cost 80.000d-100.000 time take about 20-30minutes if they know how to do it.

6: Oil changes service we only go to Honda head or Yamaha town to have good oil and let them check the chain as well, Oil cost 85.000d-115.000d including service feel. ( You can found Honda head and Yamaha town where every you go they could be at small town or city )

Having service oil changes at Honda head or yamaha town is one of best choise


Catba island – Lanha bay by motorbike 3-4days

Motorbike to catba, Lanha bay

We can go to catba island by motorbike and visit lanha bay for a day trip as kayaking, swimming, rock claiming, have lunch on the boat and then visit Sung Sot cave and Halong bay.

Start from Hanoi flow route QL5-AH14 132km motorbike rides to Got port, where the ferry to go to Catba island. After 25minute on the ferry arrive West of Catba island side rideding motorbike 23km to Catba town checkin hotel take shower and chilling.

Take a walk outside have a look around buy some drinks then walk into visit night market on Catba and then go and have dinner.

Catba have great seafoods, do not worries much about the price because most of restaurants here service for tourism so we all get good price.

Rideding motorbike around catba

After breakfast get your motorbike rides 10km to Catba national park buy ticket trekking 35minutes up to Ngu Lam Pearl you will have great view on top, take some photo and video clib.

Go back down get on motorbikes rides 3km stop by Hospital cave quite interested to visit where more than 200 Viet Cong stay there during american war befor 1972 bombing.

You could have lunch at local restaurant by the parking motorcycle, there a really nice family who service meal & drink reliable.

After noon time you could relax or joy rocks claiming for coble hour and then go back for shower and have dinner.

Cai beo – lanha bay – monkey island – kayaking

Ask your hotel to book for a day trip visit lanha bay and monkey island as Sung Sot cave and Halong bay kayaking the night befor.

Tour quite cheap and including meal, boat trip, entry tickets, kayaking, bus transfer as well, tour guide.

I dont know what the price now but it could be from $25-35$/person for a day tour.

You can desire to stay one more night if you have time as you want to see more thing and relax you want.

Last morning wake up abit early if you can go to the peach for swimming take some photo of sunrise, go back to hotel have breakfast then go to west or north side of catba island to get ferry go back to Hanoi or go to Ninh binh flow route QL10 120km to Ninh binh city.

To me i really like to rideding motorbike from Hanoi to catba island, abit of highway-high speed, abit of ferry with you and your motorbike, rideding on the mountains routes as well. This is so cool and it dont take much time, we could do it 2,3,4 days trip.

If we have more time we could do a loop as Hanoi – Halong bay & Catba island – Ninh binh – Pu luong nature reserve – Mai chau – Hanoi.

I wish this short post could help you guys plan motorbike trip someday rideding adventure north Vietnam.

If you have any question please comment below i can share much as i can.

Some tips befor travel to vietnam 2019

What to prepare when traveling vietnam by motorbike adventure

Here is a list of 10 tips you should make or bring before your vietnam travel trip by motorbike this year

Use the rented property and prepare for your travel

  1. Sign up for someone to rent your home while you travel to Vietnam asia, and use that money to use for your travel when you need it. The price here is 10 times cheaper than where you live and work. This amount may be much more than the daily spending here because most Vietnamese tourists spend about $ 500 – $ 1000 for the whole country in the period from one to two months here. Daily meals for each meal cost between $ 1- $ 5, Hotel and homestay fees from $ 3 – $ 60 / night depending on the quality of the boss, Price of each drink from half $ dolar – $ 2, Scenic ticket for Tourist attractions cost between $ 1- $ 20 depending on requirements and covered attractions or transportation.
  2. You should contact intermediate channels or post on forums and social networks for renting Cars, Motorbikes, Bicycles, Boats if available during the time you are not in use, To use that money while you are away from home when you need it. Housesitting is a booming popular trend worldwide. Acquiring the services of a housesitter decreases the risk of theft. By exchanging home care and security for free accommodations, housesitters save on rent expenses allowing them to build financial strength and accomplish their personal goals.
Do not leave them alone

Booking services and preparing personal belongings

3. Bring copies of your passport. If your passport gets stolen or lost you want to be sure that you can still get back into the country, or be able to prove your citizenship. apply for a visa if necessary, after obtaining a visa you can book a flight ticket in advance for a best price, when you have an air ticket, you should book your hotel and airport shuttle at the same time. So when you go to the airport you have staff to pick you up at the hotel and it doesn’t take long for you to find a way to transport as well as travel prices, Maybe we spend an extra amount of money first but That will save a lot of time for us when we arrive

4. Prepare a schedule of places you want to go and control how much time is allowed in each place, so bring your own personal belongings that are suitable for your trip. Carrying more or less accessories, although according to our travel time, for example, we only travel for a week, it is not necessary to bring too many unused things. The following tip: bring 50% of your personal belongings, you can buy more items here quite easily.

big bargain

Prepare money and manage your spending in Vietnam

5. Prepare yourself for a camera to capture the most impressive photos, And maybe add a Gopro to shoot the most memorable videos for your adventure. The most important item is a backpack to carry all the accessories for your trip

6. Please contact your bank to activate a certain amount with a limited amount of spending for a certain period of time so that when you arrive you do not have to worry about contacting the bank will have to wait a long time to confirm.

7, There is no need to worry about spending foreign currency like a US dollar, You can take it with you when you need it only in big cities like the black market, or gold shops and banks. Using only dollars in urgent situations, we can withdraw money at ATM easily. Please keep the American Dola to spend in another country

8. Spending safely and economically is as follows: always carry 500,000vnd to buy food and drinks when you need it, on average we can spend cash on the road every day, we should not carry too a lot of money in people to avoid risk of being dropped or stolen even with uncontrollable spending, you can pay with a visa & master card when you need to buy valuable items for your relatives.

Vietnam dong & USD

Participating in a joint tour on time to avoid tour cancellation

9. When scheduling a tour anywhere you should comply with the policy of the organization you set up, Most importantly, the time and the point to welcome you should be on time to avoid late arrival or wake up late to affect to the tour group as well as the organization company.

Buy or rent motorbikes for long distance trips in Hanoi and HCM

10. Must ensure safe motorbike driving and travel at the right speed of Vietnam road traffic law. Ride a motorbike to get acquainted with motorbikes and traffic here before starting an adventure trip. Should use a suitable motorbike, do not choose a motorbike that is too difficult.

Hanoi Motorbike Rental Cost

Motorbike Rental Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh

You are looking to rent a motorbike from Hanoi to Ho chi minh. Please contact us for advice on cars that fit your silhouette as well as the cost you want to pay. In addition, we provide additional accessories with 100% including support for your trip.

We offer motorcycles from 2017 – 2019 for rent and always enter the latest 2019 motorcycles for your visit so that you can use the best service & products.

You want to rent a motorbike from Hanoi to visit the northwest & northeast route from one to two weeks of mountain pass roads higher than 2000 meters, the discovery time from 7 days – 14 days the estimated km on 2000, Type of vehicle Use: Honda XR150, Honda winner 150, Detect win 140, Detect win 127, Detect win 125, Detect win 110 & Honda future 125, Honda wave 110, Honda dream 110

vietnam motorbike hire hanoi to ho chi minh

Hanoi Motorbike Rental


Honda XR150 : $16/day we only offer more than a week rental – PLEASE REQUIRE BEFOR A WEEK TO BOOKING MOTORCYCLE
Honda winner 150 : $15/day we only offer more than a week rental –

Detect win 140, Detect win 127, Detect win 125, Detect win 110 : under a week rental price $10/day, Over a week rental $9/day, PACKAGES RENTAL FROM HANOI DROP OFF IN HCM CITY $159/MONTH
Honda future 125, Honda wave 110, Honda dream 110 :
under a week rental price $10/day, Over a week rental $9/day, PACKAGES RENTAL FROM HANOI DROP OFF IN HCM CITY $159/MONTH

Easy contract you can just deposit for us $200/bike and pay for motorbike rental in advance.