Term and condition

You must comply with the road traffic rules when taking traffic in Vietnam. Strictly follow the rules of safe driving without speeding because it can endanger yourself. Absolutely do not drink alcohol and use stimulants when participating in traffic. If you want to use those things you absolutely do not participate in traffic. Dicovery Vietnam by motorcycle, for groups of two or more motorcycles you can not go parallel on the road at the same time that must always be ahead of the person. go after, as well as follow each other. Travel vietnam by motorcycle without insurance, if not accidental if accident happens we are absolutely not responsible for it.

Buy & Rental Service 

A deposit is required of either passport or cash amount $200/ bike and paid rental in advance.

A rental is responsible for any damage and make sure have to stop buy gara on the way to service as oil change and push up the chain.

Always keep your Hanoi Motorbike Rental And Sale Travel Vietnam property as well as your own property. Avoid getting stolen.

You must always love and like the motorcycle you have chosen to rent or buy. Absolutely not used in a way called vandalism

During trip if you have any question or need help please call + 84976381581, What app + 84986552827, you can also inbox to us

Thanks You for choose our service 

Hanoi Motorbikes Rental And Sale Travel Vietnam Team

Best Regards

Hanoi Motorbike Rental And Sale Travel Vietnam Service

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