WHAT TO BRING AND WEAR travel vietnam by motorbike

Most backpackers normally wear during time travel Vietnam

To prepare for a long ride on motorbikes, we need to prepare a lot of things to take with us when we need it. We may lack things that can be bought on the way and of course there are many things that cannot be bought when we need them, so preparing for personal items is essential for a long trip by motorbike.

Usually in Vietnam when using motorbikes, we have hunted the store owner’s attached accessories. However, because the size is produced for Asian users, you may not be suitable for this accessory If you want to use the items you want, you can put some items on Amazon before the trip starts.

It may take several hundred km to ride a motorbike in the rain

Follow the way people use motorbikes when they go in the rain. Prepare yourself a few thin raincoats to preserve your backpack and a set of good quality rainwear to ensure you won’t get wet when riding a motorbike hundreds of kilometers uninterested in wet and fresh season temperature

When riding a motorbike on a 600-meter-high pass, it is very necessary to have a fog and drizzle to prepare yourself a good raincoat and to preserve your backpack. Maybe you only ride a motorbike for a week, a month, for three months thousands of kilometers for a route so we can meet bad weather at any time.

How much baggage can motorcycles ride on

Our motorbike can go two people and get two backpacks with two small bags attached to the guitar if you want to bring it. You should use a motorbike with a cylinder capacity of 110cc come with a side strap if needed as bungee cords, Roa map, GPS navagations, Phone holder, Lock…

Water & Foods on the way

If you find a restaurant or choose a restaurant where people eat a lot, we know that the crowded eateries always serve good food and reasonable prices as well as the quality of processed food is guaranteed to be fresh. There may be no menu for you to choose, but you can go to the kitchen and choose the food you want, Price for a meal is about $ 5 or less with a drink. About drinks, we should only choose the following 3 types of mineral water. Lavie & Aquafila or carbonated drinks like cocacola, Fanta, Sprite, Bia Hoi should only drink Viet ha & Bia hoi Hanoi beer, Good quality bottled beers like Hanoi and Sai gon. Beer can have Hanoi, Saigon, 333

You should bring some medicine with you when you need it

One of the most important things that is indispensable for anyone traveling when you should bring a good medicine to use because you cannot buy the right kind here, you can only buy common drugs almost Not working.

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