Where To Parking Your Motorbikes Save & Cost

To find a place to send motorbikes in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City is quite difficult because it is possible to park motorbikes away from your hotel so it is not convenient to send motorbikes too far because the hotel where you live does not have parking even overnight machines cannot even leave a motorbike in front of a certain store because it is the only small spot for people to use so they will not be disappointed with anyone who parked in front of their house.

Save parking motorbike & keep your ticket

When sending a vehicle, you should keep in mind the place where the driver and the security guard will give you a motorbike ticket and you must ensure that you keep your motorbike ticket carefully if you lose your ticket and will need to present the vehicle The new machine can take the bike and pay an additional 50,000 – 100,000d fine.

Motorcycle tickets can only be made with a small sheet of paper to write your license plate number so it is easy to be torn off if it is wet or easily lost.

You can leave tickets for motorbikes and keys at the hotel during unused times, which is the best way to preserve them.

In case you can’t find a motorbike when leaving the street

When you leave a motorbike somewhere in front of someone’s store or a tourist destination without a motorbike parking lot, it’s normal for your motorbike to be moved after 5 minutes.

There are 3 problems that will occur as follows:
1 Your motorbike is moved down the road and people may be called to the police to take the car and we will have to go to the police to solve it.

2 Your motorbike may be stolen

3 do not remember where to park a motorbike after going to a bar or visiting a night market.

GPS parking place to make sure you can get there in time

When checking in at the hotel, you should ask the hotel the nearest motorbike parking address and the price for sending a car a day.

Arriving at the parking lot, take a ticket and bring a helmet to the hotel because we will leave the helmet there if it is not rain or it can be taken by someone.

Locate the place where the motorbike is sent using google map to know the motorbike is sent there.

Price and Address parking lot in Hanoi old quarter

  • Hàng but streets
  • Behind hang da gallery
  • 76 hàng trống streets
  • Viện Đức – Hospital by Phủ doãn streets
  • 339/17 phúc tân streets
  • 19 hàng buồm streets
  • And more place where near your hotel at

Price for parking daily visit place as over night

Price to parking your motorbike when visit some place from 5.000-10.000 dong.

Price to parking over night will cost from 20.000 – 50.000/day/night

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